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Audiovisual equipment in North Carolina

If you’re planning a show, a special installation, or just want an ├╝berfantastic home sound system you will want to secure the best musical sound for your money. The following companies provide services like equipment rental, systems design, and sound engineers to wow the audience with your tunes.

In the triangle

, downtown Durham

Elsewhere in NC

, a branch of Wheatstone, Pineville


Inspiring your kids with music

Music can be the basis for an enjoyable and educational family day out. Attending regular music groups and classes could also help your kids form long term hobbies and friendships. Recent research here and here reports that children who have music lessons tend to be innovative and successful in adulthood.

On TV and the web

Events for under 5s

Sing, Dance, Play happens about once a month at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh

Children’s orchestras

North Carolina Symphony Kids
Raleigh Children’s Orchestra
Raleigh Area Children’s Theater

Children’s group classes in Raleigh

Miss Marie’s Music
Group classes at Meredith College

Music Together classes:
Sprout Songs Music
Joyful Song Family Music
I’m considering offering group guitar classes for children – please contact me to discuss the price range and time that would suit you.


Accessorise your guitar life

Where to buy useful stuff besides guitars

Most guitar shops stock many of the accessories you will need, but it can be nice to seek out a specialist store. They stock a wider range of products in their niche. They offer an excellent opportunity for you to geek out, find new brands and models, and get an expert opinion.

For electronic equipment including an extensive range of cables, try TigerDirect on Capital Blvd (they also sell online).

Need some beats, crashes, and tinkles to accompany your riffs? 2112 Percussion is a local percussion store.

Another drum shop, The Music Emplorium in Durham, stocks a range of international instruments.

For a unique sound you can order custom compressors from Regular John Recording.

For amplifiers, including repairs ETEK Electronics, Holly Springs.

You might also like this post dedicated to local audiovisual equipment rentals.


Great British Music

People I meet instantly recognise my British accent. I particularly like it when I meet someone new and conversation turns to British music. Some peoples’ knowledge is a little sketchy; the American music industry is notoriously hard for UK acts to break into. If you want to learn more about the UK’s fantastic music heritage, you can’t do much better than the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony, which was masterfully directed by Danny Boyle and the soundtrack mixed by British electronic music group Underworld.

The tracks featured in the opening ceremony moved chronologically starting with notorious acts from the 1960s like The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones, then on to The Eurhythmics, The Prodigy, and more recent bands like Muse. Rappers like Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah aren’t really my thing, but they complemented the overall set very well. Olympic teams then paraded round the stadium to the tunes of Chemical Brothers, Adele, and David Bowie. The set is discussed here, including a link to listen on Spotify.

I can teach you to play some great British music on guitar, and I like to include British tunes in the sets I play for entertainment – see my website for more info on private guitar lessons, hiring me to play, and my contact information.


Private guitar lessons in Raleigh

Maybe you’re starting out a with a new or renewed passion for guitar and would like some instruction. Maybe you want a rigorous training to be successful in music exams. There are many private guitar tutors around Raleigh, NC. Below I’ve listed websites, price, and location. You should also consider the teaching philosophy of any potential guitar tutor.

Guitar teachers and schools near Raleigh

Mann Music Studios offer general theory and composition lessons, but don’t teach guitar.

Learn guitar with me

I started teaching guitar and bass this month at an introductory rate of just $35 an hour. No contract, membership, or registration fees. You can pay as you go or get a discount if you book a block of lessons. Compared to the above music schools I’m offering a great deal. Interested? Contact me and we can discuss how lessons from me will help you achieve your guitar playing dreams.


Guitar makers and importers near Raleigh

I’ve previously covered guitar shops and repair services in the Raleigh area, but what if you want to order a bespoke handmade guitar? These guitar makers might be just what you’re looking for:


My songs online

In Sheffield at the end of 2012 my friend Ozzie helped me produce my EP: The Potter’s Clay.

I’ve been recording music myself using Garageband on an iPad since about the same time. (I love the simplicity of this setup – see this blog for more info, but I’d like more control over the volume of the vocals.) I’ve uploaded some of these recordings to Soundcloud so you can stream them free online.


Solo material

Songs I composed and performed with Black Soul