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Half a dozen hacks for stale bread: surprisingly tasty tips for making the most of the food you buy

Bought too much on your grocery trip? Going away and need to use things up? Lost track of what’s at the back of the fridge? I have solutions for you!

A recent survey of 2000 Brits revealed that eggs, bread, and other previously rationed items are regularly discarded. Instead of getting down in the dumps about this or resigning full responsibility to the big, bad supermarkets, there are simple, tasty things you can do with those ingredients you already bought. I’ve touched on ways to reduce waste before, and now I’m collating tips and tricks on things to do when items become past their best. Follow these tips to

  1. reduce your grocery bill,
  2. reduce waste, and
  3. eat more (maybe?).

Number 1 is the main reason for me, and it’s probably the case for many other musicians too. In this blogpost I’ll focus on bread, but I am gathering suggestions for other food stuffs so get in touch and I’ll feature them in future!

Stale Bread Recipes

Things to cook with bread that has gone hard, but is not mouldy:

Mouldy Bread

When it’s got a bit of green/blue mould on it:

  • remove the mouldy bits (generously, maybe chop all the edges of a block of bread) and mix them in your compost,
  • leave on the bird table, or
  • make into fat balls.

Try to use the remainder within a day, maybe following one of the recipes above. For expert guidance check out this Aussie food mould research blog.

How to Prevent Stale Bread

Ideas for avoiding stale bread in the first place:

  • use a bread bin or bread bag,
  • make sourdough bread (moisture and natural acids help preserve your homemade loaves),
  • freeze half the loaf until you need it.