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It’s good to stretch yourself to play music that’s a bit out of your comfort zone. As I work recording and mastering the album, I took the opportunity to record some tribute songs. It exposed some room for improvement with my vocals, but I had great fun finding my way around a catchy tune from a band I have really got into over the last 18 months or so, Rival Sons.

I recorded an acoustic version of Open my Eyes , as well as a rockier version .

As ever any feedback is much appreciated.

Do you feel bewildered by the big thorny issues raised in that last post? Don’t be disheartened, individuals can make a difference.

One opportunity lies in live music. This blog shows how royalties from performances keep rising, while recording royalties are flat. Next time you think about buying an album you could consider buying a ticket to a gig – it might be more fun, the artists appreciate your support, and a growing slice of your money ends up in their pocket.

From now I’ll just publish two blog posts a week, down from five a week since this blog started. I’ll also update existing posts as I discover new and useful links for you.

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