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Emerging from burgers, sculptures, and football to say “Hello again!”

I’ve neglected this blog for too long. Sorry.

One reason for the three month delay is that, in addition to my musical pursuits, I am now working at Corbett’s Burger and Soda Bar in Cary.

The other reason is that I have been to visit family in Britain and Texas, and enjoyed a visit in March from my Mum and Dad. Here is a photo of my Dad and I in front of the rings at the North Carolina Museum of Art. We are wearing Yorkshire Lad t-shirts that mimic the Yorkshire Tea logo.

Dad and I standed under a ring-shaped sculpture on a blue skies day
One Brit spotted us and asked, “Are you really from Yorkshire?” “YES!” we said.

Here is a close up of me wearing the tee when I watched the Denver Broncos lose the 2014 Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a distinctly American event, but thankfully my buddies were happy for me to show off my Yorkshire roots at the party.

I am wearing a camouflage cap and a black t-shirt in front of a wide screen TV showing an American football match.
Yorkshire Tea should sponsor a sports team as the bright colours work really well!

There has been lots going on, but luckily I have some music blogs in the pipeline that I will edit and upload. More soon!