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Composing your own music

It’s fun to learn to cover other musicians, but many students want to write their own stuff. Writing great songs is the key to getting noticed and building your own fan base. Songwriting can be a challenge both lyrically and musically, and requires a lot of stamina, but is well worth the effort as it helps you develop your own personal style.

If you’re a minimalist like me all you really need to get started is your instrument, a pencil, and a piece of paper. Once you start reworking things you wrote before you will want words, notes, and instructions for each version of each song saved on your computer. There are some great tools on the web to help you too, from composing apps to lyric suggestions to entire songwriting courses. And if you’ve found anything helpful do share them with the rest of us!

Web apps


Help with lyrics

Lyric Ideas


Free songwriting course on Coursera

For kids

The Music Lab
The Fimbles Music Maker