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Keeping on top of all the new music

There is a bewildering array of acts being formed and new recordings being made. Unfortunately a lot of commercial music media outlets rarely feature new acts (things like MTV UK’s Brand New Unsigned are an exception to this rule). When writing your own music it is especially important to engage with new mixes and sounds – it keeps you creative and prevents your music mojo from stagnating. It would be overwhelming to navigate all the new music by yourself, but thankfully there are some good places to turn to keep abreast of developments.

Radio shows do a lot of the trawling for you. My wife Emily particularly likes listening to Steve Lamacq’s show on BBC Radio six music, which features a lot of new tunes. There’s also The BBC Introducing Mixtape show and blog. (This is quite a British outlook. Please let me know¬†about any American new music shows you appreciate.)

If you want to stay up to date through internet reviews (you are reading my blog after all!) other blogs or online magazine you might like to look at include:

You can also take the plunge and buy some music after only hearing a snippet – the New Artists section in the iTunes Store is one way to do this.

To properly check out new artists, particularly those local to you, nothing beats live entertainment. Listen to artists you don’t recognise at a festival, or pay attention to the support acts when you go to see your favourite band.

Enjoy exploring the musical world, and if you find any gems make sure you share with the rest of us!