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Inspiring your kids with music

Music can be the basis for an enjoyable and educational family day out. Attending regular music groups and classes could also help your kids form long term hobbies and friendships. Recent research here and here reports that children who have music lessons tend to be innovative and successful in adulthood.

On TV and the web

Events for under 5s

Sing, Dance, Play happens about once a month at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh

Children’s orchestras

North Carolina Symphony Kids
Raleigh Children’s Orchestra
Raleigh Area Children’s Theater

Children’s group classes in Raleigh

Miss Marie’s Music
Group classes at Meredith College

Music Together classes:
Sprout Songs Music
Joyful Song Family Music
I’m considering offering group guitar classes for children – please contact me to discuss the price range and time that would suit you.