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Music worth dancing to

Swing dancing is a popular activity in North Carolina. Each December the state hosts one of the largest swing dance festivals in the world, Lindy Focus. Barely a weekend goes by without friends in Raleigh telling me they’re spending their evening in some dance hall or other.

Some people dance to recorded music, but often swing dances are places to savor the thrill of a live performance, where musicians and dancers together generate a captivating atmosphere. You can get swing dance lessons, or just turn up to an event. Here are swing dancing opportunities in the area:


Carolina Music and Dance Productions
Triangle Swing and Shag meetups
Central Smooth Groovers meetups
Raleigh Swing Dance Events


Triangle Swing Dance Society and their Facebook group
NCSU Student Dance Club
Dancing in North Carolina
Piedmont Swing Dance Clubs

Some other dance groups

Raleigh-Durham Triangle Dance
Raleigh Dance 4 Fun